Curriculum Vitae

Name : Priyanto
Date of Birth : 25 June 1962
Place of Birth : Magelang
Sex : Male
Nationality : Indonesia
Education : Master of Computer Science
Office Address : Fakultas Teknik UNY Kampus Karangmalang,
Yogyakarta Indonesis, 55281
Office Phone : +62-274-586168 Ext. 293 +62-274-554686
Residence : Kalongan RT 01/27, Maguwoharjo, Sleman, Yogyakarta
Indonesia, 55282

Email :


Doctor of Vocational Education
Yogyakarta State University (UNY), Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Master of Computer Science in Software Engineering
University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

Bachelor of Technical Education in Electronics Education
Yogyakarta State University (UNY), Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Presenter on Seminars

  1. International Seminar on ICT in Education. Yogyakarta State University, 13-14 February 2009.
    Paper Title: The e-Learning Readiness Model as e-Learning Development Strategy.
  2. One day Seminar, Preparing the Future Human Resources through the Application of ICT-Based Open Distance Learning. SEAMEO SEAMOLEC in cooperation with Yogyakarta State University, 4 March 2006.
    Paper Title: Implementation of ICT for Open Distance Learning.
  3. The 2nd Conference on Telematic Systems, Services, and Applications 2005 (TSSA 2005) at ITB Bandung
    Paper Title: Building the Information Society in School: A Case Study at Province of Yogyakarta.
  4. Workshop and Orientation of Madrasah Aliyah Education (Ministry of Religion, District Office of Yogyakarta, 12-13 July 2005).
    Paper Title: Information Technology Development.
  5. Seminar on “Wireless LAN Application for Multimedia and Learning”. Intel Indonesia in cooperation with UNY (27 April 2005)
    Paper Title: Developing Information Technology in UNY.
  6. Politeknik PPKP Yogyakarta First Anniversary Seminar (August 2001).
    Paper Title: Building the Knowledge Society.
  7. Seminar on Computer Assisted Instruction and Education Media (Junior Secondary Educational Project, MONE District Office of Yogyakarta, May 2001).
    Paper Title: Digital Divide in Education: What and How to Bridge Closer.
  8. Seminar and Workshop on Hydrometry and Computer System Engineering (Civil Engineering Study Program, Engineering Faculty, UNY, May 2000)
    Paper Title: The Hardware and Software of Hydrometry Instrumentation.
  9. Seminar, Exhibition, and Workshop on Multimedia and Networking 2000 (MULNET 2000) (ITB Bandung, 21-23 March 2000)
    Paper Title: From Structured Analysis to Object Oriented Design: A Case Study of Real-time System Development.
  10. Seminar on Data Communication Network towards Information Globalization. (Faculty of Engineering, UNY, 1995)
    Paper Title: Hardware and Software in Computer Networks System
  11. Seminar of 26th Anniversary of IKIP Yogyakarta (Faculty of Engineering, 1990)
    Paper Title: Digital and Analog Interface using Programmable I/O and Analog Interface.
  12. Seminar of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, FPTK IKIP Yogyakarta (FPTK IKIP Yogyakarta,1990)
    Paper Title: Computer-based Data Acquisition Systems and Controls.