Modeling Vocational Blended Learning Based on Digital Learning Now Framework

The flexibility of blended learning in implementation makes it compatible to various models of the education system, as well as applied to the learning system of vocational education. Politeknik Negeri Bali (PNB) is a vocational institution in Indonesia. The research objectives to develop a Vocational Blended Learning (VBL) model in PNB based on Digital Learning Now framework. Research and development approach implemented in this study. Data collection procedures and methods were ongoing system evaluation, interview and observation method, and also focus group discussion (FGD). The system implementation methods and procedures were based on the Digital Learning Now framework. The research found the considerations for determining the appropriate instructional models for VBL. VBL model required resources, infrastructure and curriculum as inputs. It can be concluded that vocational education can organize blended learning with VBL by applying rotation instructional model and supported by teacher-developed content.

The full paper can be downloaded at The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology (TOJET)