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Welcome to my humble site. It is my great honor for having a chance to share my limited experiences to my site’s visitors. This site is designed to provide the visitors with useful materials, photos, videos, and other information related to academic or nonacademic uses. Besides, by providing this site, lecturer and students as well can interact efficiently and effectively.

I am grateful that I have been given by Allah the most supportive families, friends, and students. I offer my heartfelt thankfulness and appreciation to all for their supports and patience. May Allah bless them. Amen. I hope this site can be used as a media to improve not only our knowledge but also our brothership. If any of visitor has a question, please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking “FAST Q & A”.

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Prof. Sukirno, M.Si.,Ph.D.

Prof. Sukirno, M.Si.,Ph.D.

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