Adorable Baby Seal
Most adorable little baby seal making incredibly cute sounds.
Category: Cute Videos
Cat Gives Thumbs Up
Jimmy the cat goes out of his way to give his owner the THUMBS UP.
Category: Funny Videos
Party Girl Catches Hair On Fire
Hot chick almost turns into BALD chick when her hair goes up in flames.
Category: Funny Videos
Moving Like Bernie
Little dude has the whole Weekend At Bernies thing down pat!
Category: Funny Videos
Me And My Goat Dancing
Perky Japanese chick and her goat sidekick try to dance their way into your heart. (Poor goat, he didn’t get to hide behind a mask.) lol
Category: Awesome Videos
Alligator Chomps Down On Mans Head
Rule#1 – Don’t stick your head in an alligator’s mouth before he has had his dinner. This dude’s serves up his head for an appetizer! lol
Category: Painful Videos
Amazing Man Sawed In Half Trick
This guy’s gonna have a bit of a problem taking a pee! lol
Category: Awesome Videos
Running Suburban Geese
Their alarm clock didn’t go off and they’re running late for the bus!
Category: Cute Videos
Hoppy Puppy
Actually, she beat out Natalie Portman for the lead in Black Swan, but she insisted on performing in the buff! lol
Category: Funny Videos
Hot Chick Street Fighters
For all you guys (and girls), who like to play rough. ME, I’ll pass!
Category: Awesome Videos

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