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    Another key (though arguably imprecise) usage for methodology does not refer to research or to the specific analysis techniques.

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    Scientific research relies on the application of the scientific method, a harnessing of curiosity. This research provides scientific information and

  3. Writing up Research: Method and Research Design

    Often there are different methods that we can use to investigate a research problem. Your methodology should make clear the reasons why you chose a
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  5. Yenza! – Start your researchResearch methodology

    Research methodology. This section contains links regarding the methodological issues in research. It focuses primarily on providing help with the tools and
    www.nrf.ac.za/yenza/research/resmeth.htm – CachedSimilar


    22 Sep 2008 Sociological resources on methodology and statistics. Editor: Albert Benschop (University of Amsterdam).
    www.sociosite.net/topics/research.php – CachedSimilar

  7. Research Methods and Statistics Links by Subtopic

    Listed below are links related to research methodology, human and animal research ethics, statistics, data analysis, and more. The following table shows a
    www.socialpsychology.org/methods.htm – CachedSimilar

  8. BMC Medical Research Methodology

    BMC Medical Research Methodology is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in methodological approaches to healthcare
    www.biomedcentral.com/bmcmedresmethodol/ – CachedSimilar
    by G Rucker2008Cited by 5Related articlesAll 4 versions

  9. BMC Medical Research Methodology | Archive

    BMC Medical Research Methodology 2009, 9:61 (14 August 2009) [Abstract] [Provisional PDF] [PubMed] [Related articles]. Correspondence
    www.biomedcentral.com/bmcmedresmethodol/archive/ – CachedSimilar
    by V Halpern2009Related articlesAll 2 versions

  10. Research Methodology

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  11. Research Methodology

    Research Methodology. The Library offers the following outline as one possible approach to legal research. Depending on your knowledge or experience in an
    www.law.harvard.edu/…/research/…/researchmethodology.html – CachedSimilar

  12. Futures Research Methodology–V2.0

    Price: $49.95 US dollars + shipping (out of stock; please use the lastes version: Futures Research Methodology Version 3.0)
    www.millennium-project.org/millennium/FRM-v2.html – CachedSimilar

  13. Futures Research Methodology–V3.0

    Futures Research Methodology Version 3.0 is the largest, most comprehensive collection of internationally peer-reviewed handbook on methods and tools to
    www.millennium-project.org/millennium/FRM-V3.html – CachedSimilar

  14. Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology

    Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology – Reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of the field, Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology
    www.springer.com/public+health/journal/10742 – CachedSimilar

  15. Archive of “BMC Medical Research Methodology“.

    BMC Medical Research Methodology Vols. 1 to 9; 2001 to 2009. 2006 to 2009 Articles from BMC Medical Research Methodology are provided here courtesy of
    www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/tocrender.fcgi?journal=43&action… – Similar

  16. Social Research Methodology @ UCLA

    The programs of study offered by the Social Research Methodology Division at UCLA emphasize conceptualization of educational problems, design and conduct of
    www.gseis.ucla.edu/division/srm/ – CachedSimilar

  17. Overview of Action Research Methodology

    Upon invitation into a domain, the outside researcher’s role is to implement the Action Research method in such a manner as to produce a mutually agreeable
    www.web.net/~robrien/papers/arfinal.html – CachedSimilar